WorkPoint accept a partnership with a new and dynamic SharePoint-specialist

(The official contract is getting signed. From left, Peter Joergensen, director of WorkPoint, I4-YOU CEO Peter de Graaf, I4-YOU Co-Owner Huibert Jan de Hek)

WorkPoint and I4-YOU has entered into a partnership, which will increase the effort from WorkPoint on the market for Netherland. On this way, it will be possible for WorkPoint to continue to help international organisations to transform and optimise their business processes in SharePoint Online and Office365.

WorkPoint are in the last few years become a modern and well-known product on the international stage. The Denmark-based software development house has established themselves as one of the most important SharePoint Online- and Office365- providers on the national market in Denmark with key customers as Grundfos, Palsgaard, Arkil and more.

WorkPoint has also begin to get stronger feet on the international market as Netherland, Iceland, Norway and United Kingdom.

Recently, WorkPoint has increase their activities on the market of Netherland by entering into a new partnership’s agreement with I4-YOU, which is a SharePoint-specialist. This will subsidize WorkPoint’s mission about to deliver business solutions on an international market. As well, adaptation of Dutch organizations to the SharePoint Online and Office 365 platform.

A partnership with support and potential

Though, I4-YOU is a young organisation, but it is still an organisation which is very experienced and knowledgeable within business development in SharePoint and Office365.
By developing innovative solutions with a focus on giving the customers an effective way to optimise organisations processes on Microsoft platforms. The CEO of I4-YOU, Peter de Graaf, says that the WorkPoint product is a perfect match to our focus for optimise the effectiveness though SharePoint. We want to rise our customers with unique business solutions, which will solve their organizational needs and challenges fast and effective. This will happen because we want to improve by integrate WorkPoint in our portfolio. WorkPoint’s CEO, Peter Joergensen, adds that he has trust to the justified partnership.

“We have a wide network of partners, both intern and national, but the most important is that our partners are supportive. With support from our partners it is possible to establish a foundation for a constant improvement and development. Not alone supports I4-YOU the WorkPoint product, but they are absolutely dedicated for adapt the customers on Microsoft Cloud with SharePoint Online and Office, which is important for to promote WorkPoint”.

A market which is ready for digital transformation

The Netherland is an important market for WorkPoint’s future activities, as most of the Netherlands organisations has identify the advantages by implementation of structure business platforms and are digital ready to convert their business to Cloud Technology.

WorkPoint’s Export Sales Manager, Andy Karamallakis, is responsible for WorkPoint’s international partners and their activities. according to him, the market of Netherland has an instant need for intelligent solutions that also prioritize rapid deployment.

“We experience in instant a big demand after a configurable and scalable tool for product, case and mails. In the Netherlands they are searching for larger and medium-sized organizations are increasingly improving cross-organizational collaboration and communication in critical business areas such as project management, contract management, HR management, QA management and more.

Therefore, WorkPoint has choose to put their attention to the Netherland. There are some similarities with the Danish market and there exists a god strategic adaptation, as well as a modern and digital converted market with a great potential”.

For more information:

Peter de Graaf, CEO, +31 6 5149 3119,

Andy Karamallakis, Export Sales Account Manager, +45 76114436,