What to expect from the new WorkPoint Release Version


Release Version

WorkPoint has recently launched a new release in WorkPoint 365 version This WorkPoint 365 release contains new webparts for Modern UI, new sharing settings in security rules, Microsoft PowerApps & Microsoft Flow and various new Email Manager features – But what do these features mean for the functionality of WorkPoint 365? Read more in the article about the release:


Increased Modern UI functionality with new webparts



One of the key aspects of this release, is centred around the new webparts for search and people in Modern UI. These webparts support an easy and efficient way of performing search within the WorkPoint solutions.

To search and find data quickly, has always been a key component of WorkPoint’s DNA. For instance, The WorkPoint Express plug-in for Office 365 is a great way to find, archive and structure e-mails and documents within SharePoint. However, with this new and improved search webpart, organisations are allowed much more comprehensive and detailed search results. WorkPoint’s Technical Product Manager Allan Juncher Pedersen also highlights the improved user experience:

Our users appreciate simplicity; therefore, it is key to produce webparts that can assist in performing both advanced search and connecting people across departments. Employees are now shown information from everywhere across the tenant. The WorkPoint solution allowing them to work more productively. As well as they spend less time and effort on finding knowledge and data on projects, cases and contracts“.

A great thing about this is that both webpart is highly customisable. The search webpart can be set up to show the columns that you want. Those columns data for the items searched for will show up in the search results. Meanwhile, the people webpart can be quickly be configurated to show people working on the current project or case.

More information about the technical setup and requirements can be found in the WorkPoint support portal on the following link: https://support.workpoint.dk/hc/en-us/articles/360024545094-Webpart-Search


Close and collaborative Microsoft integration



For WorkPoint, it is of utmost importance to, not only be 100% aligned with Microsoft’s product strategy, but to be completely integrated with the Microsoft Portfolio. Therefore, Allan Juncher Pedersen also adds, that it is a great step that WorkPoint now supports integrations with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

The integration with PowerApps and Flow makes it possible to have one central flow which can be called from each document and provides another step in creating a simple experience, when setting up WorkPoint solutions and design. It is important that WorkPoint is closely integrated with the Office 365’s toolbox. This allows us to provide a collaborative environment with a highly intuitive and flexible interface.

In the future, we will focus more on the development and integration with PowerApps and Flow, as these present great possibilities for WorkPoint”.

A typical use case for the integration and use of Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. This is in relation to approval processes for documents, e.g. when sending a document for approval by another person. Before this integration, this scenario would require a registered flow on all document libraries where this process is needed.

In the release, the Microsoft Flow will replace the standard SharePoint workflows, while the Microsoft PowerApps will be used for creating formulas and small applications.

More information about the technical setup and requirements can be found in the WorkPoint Support portal on the following link: https://support.workpoint.dk/hc/en-us/articles/360024604514-Microsoft-Flow-and-PowerApps

Besides the new Modern UI Webparts and Microsoft integration. The WorkPoint 365 Version release also contains new and improved features for:

  • WorkPoint Project Management Standard Solution
  • Various Email Manager Features
  • Sharing settings in security rules
  • Moving sites between site collections
  • A list of improvements and bugfixes

All of this information can be found on WorkPoint Support Portal on the following link: https://support.workpoint.dk/hc/en-us/articles/360025103893-WorkPoint-365-Version-3-4-0-0

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