Webinar: Automated journaling of emails for WorkPoint 365 business solutions

Join our webinar about Email Manager 365 – a new product for the Cloud market with storage on Microsoft Azure 

Safeguard the company’s business-critical data with an intelligent solution for automated journaling and sharing of emails and files with cloud storage on Microsoft Azure.

Email Manager 365 is an add-on to WorkPoint 365, perfectly integrated with WorkPoint 365 business solutions such as relations/contacts management. Email Manager 365 ensures that emails and attached files from customers and suppliers are correctly archived. Email Manager 365 works out by itself where emails from customers and suppliers are to be archived, and enables optimal archive search. This webinar will take you through the functionalities and benefits of Email Manager 365 as it relates to WorkPoint 365 business solutions; e.g. case, project or contacts management.The webinar explains how Email Manager 365 ensures automated journaling of documents and emails, how fast you can search information in WorkPoint 365, and how easily you can share knowledge across the organisation etc.

Advantages of Email Manager 365: 

  • Optimal safeguarding of critical data in MS Outlook
  • Automated sharing of emails and documents to relevant personnel via WorkPoint 365
  • High security on email access
  • Intelligent and automated backup of all emails
  • No loss of data possible – mails cannot be deleted on Microsoft Azure
  • Email archive can be used as evidence of correspondence in a lawsuit.

Date and time:
Thu, February 25, 2016 3 PM – 4 PM CET