Video: Traning potal for WorkPoint 365

An online video training portal for WorkPoint 365 is now available for quick and easy support of organisational roll-outs and smooth end-user adoptionmooth

WorkPoint 365 video training portal consists of short videos, 2-3 minutes in length. They are a basic introduction to the use of WorkPoint 365 and WorkPoint Express – a how-to guide – e.g. how to create a document from a template etc.

7 advantages of the training portal

• Easy and cost-effective organisational roll-outs
• Save time on training. Quick introduction to basic functionality
• Look up answers in 2-3 minutes as the need arises
• Delve into the training videos when you have the time
• Different users have different needs. The portal covers the needs
of the individual – without wasting time
• Keep employees updated regularly with knowledge and new features
• Easy to on-board new employees.

WorkPoint 365 training portal is in English. The portal is based on course materials, questions and feedback from participants and organisations.

For more information, contact our sales team at or your WorkPoint partner.