The cloud is maturing



69 percent, or more than two-thirds, of businesses expect to make cloud investments over the next three years. Moreover, they plan to increase their migration of core business-functions.

The companies will in an increasing degree choose Cloud Solutions. The numbers are clearly. 69 percent or more than two-thirds of all companies has an expectation to invest in the solutions over the next three years. As well, they have plans about to increase their migration of business functions to the cloud. It shows a study from Oxford and SAP, which points out a sharp increase in the interest in solutions to business specific areas. Of course, we think this is exciting!

In the survey from Oxford and SAP, which is from the last half year of 2014, is there took a closer look on the transition to Cloud. The survey is based on experience from 200 leaders in different branches in 11 countries. The survey had some interesting findings:

  • 31 percent say the solutions has had a transformative impact on business performance
  • More than half of respondents expect the cloud to have a significant impact on new business models, collaboration among employees, supply chain, talent, and even top-line growth over the next three years
  • 61 percent of respondents plan to have developed new products and services via the cloud within three years. 51 percent plan to have developed new lines of business.

Cloud is a part of the future strategy

99 percent of the respondents say that cloud is an integrated part of their strategy. The tendency is confirming by Gartners Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2014 and 2015, which illustrate the maturity of the market in collaboration to different technologies. Right here you can see that cloud-it solutions cloud computing is on the other side of it. Gartner calls it “Peak of Inflated Expectations” and “Through of Disillusionment” and reached “Plateau of Productivity” – which is the praxis use of the new technology. Note the change from 2014 to 2015.

Cloud is over us, and its something we need to take position for in the closest future. For most of us, has the journey only just begun.

38 percent says that the Cloud computing have gotten a positive effect on their intern cooperation in the organization. As well, 58 percent is waiting for the positive effect on them.