“… Knowledge can be transformed into a significant competitive advantage for the organization. […] The ability to find and retrieve information is crucial. ”

This is a key phrase in the interesting IDC whitepaper “The High Cost of Not Finding Information”. The whitepaper is written by Susan Feldman and Gris Sherman back in 2001.

Although many things have happened since 2001 – both with regard to the internet, social media, knowledge sharing tools, etc.. The article embraces some important issues and is probably more relevant than ever.

Abundance of information

The biggest problem with many organizations is that we are hit with an information overload. To this, the white paper suggests that “the cost of not being able to find information is huge”.

The organization needs to work across rather than in a traditional silo structure. And it’s more important than ever what information employees share, who they share with and when. “Timely access to critical information separates winners from losers in today’s information economy”

It not only places great demands on the development of our knowledge sharing systems, but also on the organizations to give their employees the right tools to find and retrieve relevant data.

Read or reread IDC’s whitepaper, which focuses, among other things, on these interesting points:

  • The high cost of not being able to find the right information
  • Significant Return on Investment (ROI) with better access to information
  • Benefits: Time savings when answering queries and requests
  • Decline in duplication

How much time do you waste in your business by not having an overview of all information, emails, documents, contacts, appointments etc.?

Do you have clear processes in all parts of a project process? Do you work purposefully to share knowledge among relevant colleagues in all parts of the project process?

Have you experienced that a case or project has not been taken care of because important information was not disclosed or available?