ProActive approved for “SKI” Framework with WorkPoint as key functionality


ProActive’s offer involving WorkPoint has been approved for the SKI framework. The solution is based on on-prem technology. Meanwhile both, WorkPoint and ProActive are getting ready for the cloud transition in the public sector. Read more in the article.

Approved for Public Tenders in SKI Framework

ProActive has been approved for “SKI” after having their offer involving WorkPoint on SKI. 02.18 IT-solutions and projects evaluated by tender consultants from SKI. SKI is a non-profit organisation that focuses on standardising procurements processes with goods such as information technology, software and complex technology services.  By using a framework agreement from SKI, a public organisation can order its goods or services and be certain that requirements stipulated by the EU directives have been met. SKI has estimated that ProActive’s offer complies with the technical and formal requirements in the tender process. In comparison, with all incoming offers, ProActive has submitted one of the 60 most economically advantageous offers. Therefore, they has been assigned the distributor role on the framework agreement.


Great opportunity in the public sector

The approval of ProActive’s offer within the SKI framework presents a great opportunity for both ProActive and WorkPoint in the public sector, as the positive evaluation according to public and EU requirements provides them with a stronger position in the public market. Managing Director & Partner from ProActive, Gorm Priem, sees the SKI framework as a step towards a stronger and more dynamic cooperation between ProActive, WorkPoint and Public Organisations:

In collaboration with WorkPoint, we have focused strongly on entering the Public Sector with a document and case management solution that assist in establishing procedures for compliance. This approval is a recognition of this effort. More importantly, this allows us to sell WorkPoint licenses, consultancy, services, operation, implementation and education directly to public organisations without any heavy-regulated tender processes”.


Digital Transformation in the public sector

Most public organisations are currently based on on-prem technology, allowing them to manage the infrastructure from their own facilities. However, the transition from on-prem to cloud has a high priority for many public sector distributors and organisations. Therefore ProActive and WorkPoint, they will make this transition easier by having a one-code solution based on Office 365. The one-code solution should manages to host on-prem solutions/systems in the cloud.

One of the key philosophies of both ProActive and WorkPoint is creating digital transformation and establishing modern workplaces with a high level of usability and flexibility. This strategy is based on the possibilities with cloud technology. According to Gorm Priem, the public sector is currently moving towards that digital transition:

Our solution is based on the needs and infrastructure of public organisations. Due to subjects such as safety issues, system requirements and data migration. The public sector is still based on On-Prem technology. It is of utmost importance to meet the public sector at the same eye level, and deliver according to digital quality, compliance and safety based on the requested system requirements. However, our strategy is very much aligned with Microsoft’s focus on transforming the public sector intro cloud system, as these are more dynamic, cost-efficient and allows easy scalability”.


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