NORRIQ’s strong market position strengthens WorkPoint

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and member of the prestigious Microsoft Inner Circle, NORRIQ is one of the most important business partners on a global scale.

Viewed in perspective, WorkPoint is very pleased indeed to have entered into a close collaboration with NORRIQ. With strong SharePoint competencies and a solid business approach, NORRIQ is the right partner, elevating the value of WorkPoint and ensuring WorkPoint exposure to a wider market.

Combined with proprietary solutions, NORRIQ wishes to strengthen its offerings to customers with WorkPoint, thereby supporting the development and growth the company has seen on SharePoint products. According to Business Unit Director Allan Nørgaard Rasmussen, WorkPoint is a unique offering for their customers – regardless of size, industry, or complexity.

“We want to provide the market with SharePoint in a way that makes it possible to get going with a standard solution. From there we are able to expand and scale the solution to the customer. SharePoint has a tendency of becoming large development projects stretching out over a long period, and where the value is only obtained late. WorkPoint removes large parts of the complexity and as a result also the risks to the customer. This translates to lower operating costs and a much quicker return-on-investments,” Allan Nørgaard Rasmussen concludes.

Great demand for management of data

NORRIQ sees a great potential in the WorkPoint product, encompassing both the smallest and the largest customers, since WorkPoint can be employed by any organisation with the need to manage documents and information in a more sophisticated fashion than merely utilising a folder structure on a shared drive.

“Increasingly, our customers demands a way to manage all documents, emails, and other information pertaining to a customer, a project, or the like in a single solution, making it easier for the employees to store files and find information. By utilising WorkPoint, the customers is granted a solution which is quickly put to use. That is a great strength,” Allan Nørgaard Rasmussen emphasises.

The entire Microsoft product range at their disposal

In addition to strong competencies on the SharePoint platform, NORRIQ offers solutions across the entire Microsft product range. NORRIQ is focused on the customer’s needs for 360° IT solutions based on close integration with the central ERP system and associated systems such as e-business, CRM, and Business Intelligence. NORRIQ has a solid, vertical focus, and offers vertical solutions of high quality within retail, fashion, wholesale, foods, production, and construction.

With offices in Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Tunesia, the NORRIQ group provides services and business solutions to more than 40 countries.

Søren Ejstrup, NORRIQ Danmark
+45 70201212