About Delaware BeLux


Delaware is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage. Today, Delaware has more than 2.000 employees and have expanded their operation to more than 12 countries and 24 offices on an International scale.

Delaware is highly-focused on guiding customers through their business transformation, by applying the ecosystems of Microsoft. Therefore, Delaware is a great strategic fit for WorkPoint partnership, as WorkPoint ensures the optimization of the latest Microsoft technology on Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

The philosophy on the customer’s journey also aligns very well with WorkPoint’s strategic direction, as it is of utmost importance for Delaware to ensure continuous improvement for all customers.  All collaborations with customers and business partners are based on a sustainable business model that aims for the long-term.

For Delaware, their client’s success is everything, and therefore they are always improving and preparing them for tomorrow’s challenges of digital transformation.


Contact information:

Delaware Consulting BeLux, Paul Belsack: +32 56 27 44 44 or paul.belsack@delaware.pro 

Visit Delaware BeLux’s Website: https://www.delaware.pro/en-be