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Founded in 2007 – Connected Services strives to make modern IT accessible to everybody and provide maximal leverage to power-users. With a staff of 10 highly-skilled and competent employees, Connected Services bundle and connect Microsoft Partner Apps and Learning solutions to bring end-users the best possible Information Management experience.

Their mission is to democratise Information Technology by bringing high-quality training content and best practice software add-ons to the masses. Connected Services provides free and paid subscription bundles to drive Digital transformation, focused on the Microsoft (Office) 365 platform.


Partnership around Modern WorkPlace and Office 365

Too often organisations struggle to achieve an optimal employee experience which leads to an unnecessary waste of resources. This has a negative effect on organisational productivity and employee happiness.

Connected Services solves this with their employee experience automation. Connected Services provides pre-packaged solution bundles for Office 365 to drive Digital Adoption and create the best possible employee experience on common workloads like Contract Management, Meeting Management and Secure Collaboration. In collaboration with WorkPoint, the focus will be on project and case management for modern workplaces with the goal of making modern technology accessible to the masses.

Connected Services use their extended experience to empower IT companies with off-the-shelf solutions, content and advice to support their customer journey. They commit to maximising End-User Focus in everything they do.


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Phone: +31 88 004 3900