Modern ESDH/ECM with Office 365 – Broadcast & Event


Modern ESDH/ECM with Office 365 - Broadcast & Event

The requirements for ESDH/ECM systems have never been greater, as have the challenges of making good and efficient case management. A modern and user-friendly system is necessary for the caseworkers, moreover. The solution must be designed by people who know the daily challenges in casework. Experience how WorkPoint and ProActive work with modern ESDH/ECM as an integral part of the digital workplace in ProActive’s Broadcast on 29/08 at. 13:00 CET, and at Devoteam’s ESDH/ECM conference on September 5th at the Carlsberg Museum & Business Center in Copenhagen.


Modern and cohesive ESDH/ECM with WorkPoint 365 and Office 365

A modern ESDH/ECM system is a system that embraces all the classic disciplines in case management and yet is flexible enough to handle the case and document management tasks that fall outside the usual framework of case management. It must be able to adapt to the reality the caseworker is in and interact seamlessly with the outside world.

My Workplace is based on a combination of ProActive’s Intranet functionality and WorkPoint’s vertical business solution in ESDH/ECM. With Office 365 as the foundation, My Workplace exploits the capabilities of Office 365 for collaboration, mobility, search and social interaction to raise the level of a modern, cohesive workplace.

According to WorkPoint’s Sales Director, Michael Buades, the focus areas with My Workplace are on the user experience and Office 365:

It’s about creating a unified, integrated user experience that manages to take advantage of Office 365. It enables an intuitive and recognisable user interface to allow employees to easily perform advanced search, knowledge sharing and consistent high quality case management, as well as document – and email handling.


Experience how WorkPoint and ProActive think ESDH/ECM into the digital workplace

Thursday, September 5th, the beautiful surroundings of the Carlsberg Museum & Business Center in Copenhagen, will be the centre of future solutions for the digital workplace. A conference that presents the most important suppliers in ESDH/ECM systems. There will also be a wide range of recognised professional experts.

There will also be a opportunity to hear from ProActive’s partner, Gorm Priem. He will talk about how heavy and slow ESDH/ECM inhibits an organisation. Also, how the future solution is a seamless part of a dynamic and innovative collaboration. In addition, he will also present more concrete examples based on Microsoft Office 365 and WorkPoint 365 functionality.

Gorm Priem’s ​​presentation at the conference can be experienced on September 5 at. 13:00 – You can see more information about this in the official program – Click here.

You can also join ProActive’s Broadcast in modern ESDH/ECM. This Broadcast focuses on digital transformation and how Office 365 and WorkPoint 365 can create value for public organisations. You can sign up for Broadcast via this link – Click here.

You can sign up for a demo in electronic case and document management via this link in WorkPoint 365’s vertical solution for efficient case management – Click here.