High System Performance is key with the latest WorkPoint 365 release 


WorkPoint A/S has released version 3.5 of WorkPoint 365, which includes new features within data management with extensions for data aggregation and data inheritanceHowever, the focus of the release is more about the proactive bug fixing effort that ensures an optimised and user-friendly platform. 


Effective bug fixing is important for maintaining high standards

With the latest version of Workpoint 365  both new features, as well as extensions, are introduced.

With the latest version of WorkPoint 365, both new features and extensions to existing features are introduced. Thus, a new view is introduced in the “Stage History View” stage model, as well as a series of extensions of WorkPoint’s Search Webpart, which was introduced earlier this year. WorkPoint 365 version 3.5 also includes multiple extensions for data aggregation and data decomposition, where system administrators will experience a greater range of metadata capabilities and the ability of more advanced aggregation of data in columns.

In addition to these new features, WorkPoint has also worked effectively to fix any bugs in the system. Normally, it will be a negative trend that there has been a major focus on bug fixing, but according to WorkPoint’s Head of Development, Henrik Mathiassen, this is a result of the launch of larger integrations for more advanced features in recent releases.

In the last 3 releases, WorkPoint has introduced many new advanced features for Microsoft Team integration, Microsoft Flow integration and security setup. At the same time, WorkPoint has been very focused on maintaining the high standard of the product, so that users have a flawless and unique experience of WorkPoint ”.


Proactive bug fixing is an essential part of WorkPoint’s strategy

For WorkPoint, it is alpha-omega to provide a system that guarantees high quality in terms of user experience, security and accessibility. Therefore, WorkPoint is also working intensively on ensuring continuous optimisation of system performance for our existing products. One of the steps to ensure this has been to establish a new support center that provides far more structured monitoring of potential bug and system errors.

For Henrik Mathiassen, this has been a big win and helps WorkPoint detect any errors well in advance.

If we look back, our efforts have often been more reactive. We have always solved the challenges of the users, but only when the challenge actually occurred. Today, the focus has shifted, so we are far more proactive in finding errors before our users actually have the opportunity to encounter them. The support center has increased our overall performance and provides a much more up-to-date and system-optimised product for our users ”.

He also elaborates on this in emphasising the importance of efficient handling of bugs and system errors when WorkPoint works with a large number of customers who have high requirements in terms of performance and safety.

“When operating with business-critical data and advanced security systems as we do, an ultra-strong setup is needed for support, development and quality assurance of our product. It is necessary to be able to service modern workplaces today and it is deeply integrated into WorkPoint strategy and daily operations ”.

If you have further questions about the release of WorkPoint 365 version 3.5.0, please contact Commercial Product Manager, Simone La Fontaine at slf@workpoint.dk