Guestblog I4-You: “Changes sometimes go faster than you might think”


Changes sometimes go faster than you might think. I mean, is this really happening? I have finished writing a blog in which I mentioned -somewhere in a lost paragraph- that Teams is such a handy solution, but that I didn’t want to go into the subject at the time because the blogpost was about WorkPoint Express. Now it turns out that WorkPoint has released a new version of their software that includes full integration with Groups/Teams. Of course, I’m happy with this, but what are the implications for my previous blogpost? Or more importantly, what does that do to our working methods? We had just unanimously agreed upon using Teams as a most convenient tool for dealing with projects.


The way I4-YOU handles projects

Perhaps it’s a good idea to first explain what we, at I4-YOU, mean by a “project”. We consider installing an Intranet solution or setting up a SharePoint environment as projects. Actually, a project to us means something we are involved in for a certain period of time (several days or weeks) with several colleagues. Anyway, that is the situation as it applies specifically to us. A project may just as well be something that needs to be delivered, built or just done within a certain period of time, something with a certain start date and a delivery date. Just like everyone else, we must deal with various types of documents during our projects (e.g. mail messages, interview reports, notes, perhaps additional quotations) that we do not only want to be able to store conveniently but also want to share with each other. And, of course, we also want to be able to chat and Skype with each other.


Microsoft Teams and WorkPoint Express

Back to the subject. So, we use Microsoft Teams ourselves. We do this because it’s quite handy to collaborate with colleagues, who are involved in a project, in a project team. We recently started using WorkPoint Express as our Document Management and CRM system, as I stated in my previous blog. It is undoubtedly very useful that we now need to be able to combine these systems. So, let’s try that out. First, I am going to try out myself how this will work in daily practice. Anyone who has read my previous blogs, and happens to know me a little, knows that I certainly don’t dare to consider myself a power user. If I can do this, then almost every other user should be able to do the same. That’s a reassuring idea, right? In my next blog I’ll let you know what my experiences are.


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