Eurowind: Technical and economic operation of 180 wind turbine projects requires its IT system


Eurowind Energy is a Danish privately owned company that develops, acquires, sells and operates wind turbine projects in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Romania.
The company was established in 2006, and the evolution of the number of projects and employees testifies to an expansive company that controls things in relation to the many target groups.



Project coordinator Emilia Maria Weiling talks about the need for one IT system that can handle everything in connection with a wind turbine project:

When we implemented WorkPoint in 2012, we analyzed the need for structure and data overview. All our wind turbine projects are established as independent companies but are related in certain areas. In WorkPoint, we currently have one site for each of our 180 projects, which in turn is divided into 11 directories with data about everything from the number of wind turbines in
the project, technical documents, power sales agreements, involved technicians and controllers, owners, budgets, insurance and much more.

Often there is a need to service the stakeholders, and Emilia highlights user friendliness:

There are many documents to keep track of, but because of the architecture of WorkPoint it’s quick to search and find things and share them with relevant parties. Examples of this may be that technical documentation or legal documents are required for a due diligence.



WorkPoint is the heart of the knowledge platform, 80 employees distributed by the headquarters and three foreign subsidiaries working on. Therefore, all new employees are taught in the structure of the system, and the importance of introducing correct data and duty to update information is underlined.
IT coordinator Kim Moberg sees an advantage in having one system:

We have chosen WorkPoint to be the knowledge bank where ALT must be able to exist so that all the numbers and values are included in it. Data is critical to us and when the right information is in the system, we can automatically filter and drag the lists we need. Our business is that we need information that relates to:

• The technical operation
• Company information and the economic
• Relations

He gives an example of how data across projects and wind turbines is used:

The electricity is being sold to the power companies, but if the wind is high, they can choose to close the turbines to balance the electricity grid. The wind turbine owners must be compensated for, so we have to calculate what each turbine could have earned at the given wind speed. From WorkPoint, we can extract data across an Excel sheet across all projects and calculate lost output. It’s efficient and time-saving.



Emilia sees a challenge in the vast amount of data:

We live by controlling the technical, legal and economic aspects of the company. wind turbine projects, and the large volume means that we have specially developed modules with workflows and an annual wheel that ensures everything is done, she tells. – For each project, rules and checklists are set up in relation to what is required by law and what has been agreed with investors.

These may include: technical reports, VAT bills, half-yearly and annual accounts, reports, etc. and when the year is over, it is easy to see through the checklist that everything is done. Another special module is the relational module, such as helps with the optimal planning of 180 general meetings.

It requires a huge overview and we want to service investors, shareholders, banks and accountants as best as possible,” says Kim. Thus, through the relational module, we can draw lists and see who is involved in which projects and plan accordingly. The Relations module is, of course, also linked to the investor portal, where investors through one log-in can access all accounts and agreements on their relevant wind turbine projects.

For Emilia and Kim, the optimization continues in WorkPoint, because just like all the power in Europe is connected via networks, WorkPoint connects all the soft data at Eurowind.