ESDH/ECM conference with a focus on optimal and efficient data and document management


Read more about WorkPoint's participation in the ESDH/ECM conference at Wihlborgs Conference Center in Ballerup.

Modern businesses generate large amounts of data from several sources. There are great gains waiting for everyone who truly understands the value of collecting, accessing and managing information across all corporate systems. This is the theme of this year’s ESDH/ECM conference on January 23, 2019, which is organised by Computerworld.

Read more about WorkPoint’s participation in the ESDH/ECM conference at Wihlborgs Conference Center in Ballerup.


A modern and innovative ESDH/ECM system

A modern ESDH/ECM system is a system that embraces all the classical disciplines in case management and at the same time is flexible enough to handle the case and document management tasks that fall outside the usual framework of case management. A modern  system must be able to adapt to the reality of the case worker and interact seamlessly with the outside world”.

This is how WorkPoint’s system is characterised by Sales Director Michael Buades. He works with a wide range of solutions with a large part of WorkPoint’s partners. Also, he has extensive experience in supplying complex  systems for larger Enterprise customers.

It is essential that WorkPoint creates a framework for a modern workplace. And since WorkPoint is a cloud-based ESDH/ECM system based on SharePoint Online and Office 365 and using the latest Microsoft technology and the best tools to support streamlining and automation of workflows, the solution lives up to that criteria


Experience ESDH/ECM with WorkPoint

For many companies, it can be a challenge to create systematised case and document management in all processes. With WorkPoint it is possible to create a uniform overview of all ongoing and cross-organisational cases.

It provides the organisation/department with an efficient and intelligent tool. The tools supports routine tasks in case – and document management and creates coherence between cases, clients, stakeholders, master data, documents and emails

If you want to experience how WorkPoint ESDH/ECM manages to streamline quality in case documents, then book your own personal demo on this link: WorkPoint ESDH / Case management

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