Devoteam highlights WorkPoint and ProActive as a supplier in the ESDH/ECM Report 2019


Devoteam highlights WorkPoint and ProActive as a supplier in the ESDH/ECM Report 2019

For the sixth time, Devoteam has published their yearly ESDH/ECM Report for 2019. The report shows a thorough assessment of systems and suppliers in the business. Also, it is presenting a long list of interesting cases. WorkPoint and ProActive are both in the report and they have got a positive assessment. Read more in the article:


Office 365 is high on the agenda

As a special theme this year, Devoteam has chosen to highlight Office 365 as an essential area within ESDH/ECM. It is very much about how suppliers strategically relate to the platform’s possibilities and how organisations will start the optimisation process for the use of Office 365.

For Sales Director of WorkPoint, Michael Buades, it is a positive signal which confirms the strategic direction for WorkPoint, especially in relation to the ESDH/ECM-cooperation with ProActive.

“As Office 365 is the foundation for WorkPoint 365 & ESDH/ECM, then we can only support the importance in utilising the advantages of Office 365. For us it is all about creating a modern workplace. A workplace where the employees will get an intuitive, common and simple user interface with cross-platform recognisability”.


WorkPoint 365 on top for it’s complete Office 365 integration

Like last year, Devoteam has included an evaluation of the most important systems/suppliers.
The evaluation is based on the following 5 key criteria:

  • Supplier strength
  • Document, case and project
  • Process support and automation
  • Roadmap and innovation
  • Architecture

As a summary, WorkPoint has scored high compared to the criteria concerning document, case and project as WorkPoint specialises in creating a simple and flexible user interface where you can handle many tasks/business processes related to managing projects, documents and cases across organisations and other digital platforms.

It is worth to notice that WorkPoint is very positive rated in relation to its architecture. It is largely due to the complete integration to Office 365, which manages to integrate the entire Microsoft product portfolio of applications as; Teams, Flow and Power BI. Many other systems are also based on Microsoft technology but are only able to bring parts of the Office 365 platform into use. With WorkPoint 365, Office 365 can be used as a strategic tool that creates synergy across departments to create the foundation for the digital workplace

If you want to know more about ESDH/ECM, please contact WorkPoint’s Sales Director Michael Buades on

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