Continuous product improvements with new WorkPoint releases


The 2nd of April and the 12th of April, WorkPoint launched new releases for both WorkPoint 365 and WorkPoint Express. The releases introduced many new and updated features, some of the most important changes include an enhanced security model, integration of Office 365 Group and Microsoft Teams and new features to move and copy entities. Read the article to learn more about the recent releases:


An ambitious release for WorkPoint

2nd of April, the WorkPoint team released new versions of their products, WorkPoint 365 and WorkPoint Express. WorkPoint 365’s newest version is called and is a significant release due to the high level and a number of new features included in the release. For WorkPoint’s Head of Development, Henrik Matthiesen, this signals an ambitious direction for WorkPoint’s product & development team:

We are really excited about this release. Especially the WorkPoint 365 version, which highly improves our security model/settings as well as our integration for Microsoft Group and Teams. This enhances the overall use of the WorkPoint product, as users can safely and easily use the newest Microsoft apps in an efficient way”.


Security and integration upgrade for complete Microsoft integration

One of the most important improved features included in the release is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a complete chat and online meetings solution. With Microsoft Teams you can host audio and/or video and perform or attend online conferences. It also lets you communicate with other members of your organisation, or even people outside your organisation, through an intuitive chat feature. According to Henrik Matthiesen, this integration has now become more complete.

By using automatic integration between Microsoft Teams and WorkPoint through Office 365 Groups, documents created, uploaded or edited are stored in the same location, regardless of whether the user is working through the Microsoft Teams interface, or through the WorkPoint/WorkPoint Express interface – This ensures a highly intuitive platform when working between these apps”.

Furthermore, WorkPoint can now have security rules applied to associated Office 365 Groups. This means that you can have members of an Office 365 group be affected by specific security rules which applied to that group alone. Office 365 Groups is a way to centralise group members for multiple Microsoft products in a single place.
Henrik Matthiesen says that one of the great benefits of using group-based security is automation.

If security and permissions are based on groups, when members of the group change, the security system automatically recognises the changes and grants or revokes permissions to members, based on their membership status of the group. This means that no other configuration needs to be done when a member leaves the group or joins the group. This is much more efficient and dynamic than having to grant or limit access for each individual user


Continuous improvement is everything

For WorkPoint, it is of utmost importance to establish continuous improvement to ensure an innovative product. By continuing to align the newest Microsoft features along with the WorkPoint product, the software becomes much more flexible and dynamic. According to WorkPoint CEO Peter Jørgensen, these are key tendencies that are exemplified by this recent release:

For many organisations, digital transformation revolves around the ability to adapt with a high degree of security and efficacy. Even though, these releases present many new features, the strategy still refers to advanced knowledge-sharing with complete integration between Microsoft and WorkPoint. Our development team have worked extremely hard on this, and I am very proud of this release as it enhances the WorkPoint product for many of our users