Understand the solution architecture of WorkPoint 365

WorkPoint 365 is a knowledge-portal on SharePoint Online making it possible to create business-critical solutions easily and effectively – without development or coding. As a result, WorkPoint adds a business-layer to SharePoint Online, making it easy to build solutions by way of modules – such as project management, case management, relations management, and contracts management. The solution is fully configurable and can be adapted to industry-specific wants and needs.

Hierarchical, modular standard solution ensures overview

Systematic and automated management of relations is a prerequisite for creating a system able to deliver overview at a high level, while also present the necessary in-depth information on a detailed level. By focusing on your processes, you create good governance for your company.

WorkPoint 365 is based on a modular structure consisting of lists and sites, sorted hierarchical. The site structure offers solution uniformity, making it possible to create relations among the modules, which are also able to inherit and aggregate data.

If a more thorough run-through of the system structure of WorkPoint 365 is needed, please contact WorkPoint 365 to receive our whitepaper. It is assumed the reader has a certain technical insight and is familiar with basic IT terms such as sites, lists, metadata, and document libraries.

Utilise WorkPoint 365 and achieve better governance

WorkPoint 365 offers a very efficient and dynamic way of implementing business-solutions on SharePoint Online. The overarching solution architecture, the possibility of beginning with predefined standard business solutions (apps), combined with flexible support of real-world work processes concerning the management of information, all form a strong foundation for a fast roll-out and user adaptation of a business-oriented solution on SharePoint Online.

The solution architecture of WorkPoint 365 ensures:

  • Coherence in (between) the solution (s)
  • Quick implementation with turnkey standard business solutions (apps) among others
  • High degree of flexibility with the option of continuous implementation according to changing needs
  • More user-friendly solutions
  • Fixed and well-defined data structure
  • High degree of data discipline, hereamong that data is able to be inserted quickly and securely into the data structure
  • The opportunity to have uniformity in your documents
  • High degree of productivity with the utilisation of business data in documents
  • The opportunity to have oversight of underlying data on the various levels of the solution
  • Easier updating of the solution

WorkPoint 365 builds atop SharePoint Online, meaning that:

  • Solution components are based on a reknowned standard Microsoft platform and technology
  • All company data is stored in SharePoint Online and can be retrieved as long as one has access to SharePoint Online
  • Updates of the platform are automatic, including continuous improvements and new features

Contact us to receive a white-paper with in-depth information about governance and the solution architecture of WorkPoint 365.

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