WorkPoint Express – your shortcut to SharePoint

Manage more than 80 percent of your SharePoint tasks from Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Transform Microsoft Office into an intuitive frontend for SharePoint Online and WorkPoint 365

Use Microsoft Outlook as the primary, everyday tool for managing emails, documents, agreements, contacts, and dialogue. The WorkPoint Express plugin allows you to structure all emails and documents in SharePoint Online from Microsoft Outlook.

  • Create, move, archive, and maintain documents in SharePoint from Outlook
  • Quick journaling of emails and documents with drag and drop
  • Use Outlook for 80 percent of all processes
  • Intelligent suggestions make journaling quick and easy
  • Optional automated archiving

Systemise emails and documents

All business of today receives a large amount of important and business-critical documents and emails via Outlook. To many, emails with attached files are the primary way to communicate with customers and partners. This means, that efficient management of emails and documents are needed, as is knowledge-sharing within the organisation.

WorkPoint Express is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook, ensuring that emails and attachments are not archived in the inbox of the individual employee, but are visible to all relevant employee and departments of the organisation. WorkPoint Express for Outlook further ensures that all important and business-critical information is managed and journaled every time – even if the employee is on sick-leave or travelling.

Manage 80 percent of all SharePoint and WorkPoint 365 tasks from Outlook

WorkPoint Express allows you to use Outlook as the primary, everyday tool. With an intuitive drag and drop function, you can move documents, create new ones, delete, and maintin them in SharePoint Online – without leaving Outlook. This saves hours of work, because it is easy for the employee to finish a task instantly and archive it correctly. With Outlook, you can now do 80 percent of the tasks presently done in SharePoint.

Affiliate all correspondance, meetings, and tasks

You gain a crystal clear overview of all journaled information in the organisation, making you less vulnerable, as important information does not disappear in the inbox of the individual employee, or is forgotten because that person is not present.

With WorkPoint Express you therefore affiliate all dialogue, meetings, tasks (cases and projects), and contacts.

9 exceptional features with the WorkPoint Express plugin

WorkPoint Express offers many advantages as an everyday tool:

  • Quick and easy archiving of emails and attachments with drag and drop functionality
  • Intuitive search saves many hours of journaling of and searching in emails and documents
  • History showing the 10 most utilised/visited sites
  • The system itself suggests relevant destinations for archiving based, among others, on sender information. The suggestion could be a company, a case, or a project*
  • Quickly and easily see an overview of contacts, companies, and tasks (cases and projects) in the hierarchical tree structure of WorkPoint 365
  • Automatic and intelligent metatagging saves time and resources for the users while ensuring the quality of the metadata of emails and documents
  • Accurate documentation of correspondance as is pertinent to requirements from authorities
  • Full integration with Office 365

*This function is solely available in conjunction with WorkPoint Express Enterprise and WorkPoint 365.

Read more about automated journaling with WorkPoint Email Manager 365 here.

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