Email Manager 365

Intelligent email journaling in Outlook

Intelligent email journaling

Email Manager 365 safeguards the company’s business-critical data with an intelligent solution for automated journaling of emails on Microsoft Azure cloud storage.

  • Optimal safeguarding of critical data in MS Outlook
  • Automated sharing of emails to relevant personnel
  • High security on email access
  • Intelligent and automated backup of all emails
  • No loss of data possible – mails cannot be deleted on Azure
  • Email archive can be used as evidence of correspondence in a lawsuit

Backup of critical data with automated email journaling

An explosive growth of the amount of emails is in many organisations the cause for daily frustration among employees and an Achilles’ heel for the safeguarding of critical data.
In a constant stream of messages and important information, there is a great risk of losing critical data due to data not being journaled correctly. Loss of data can be costly. At the same time, a lack of overview is the cause of enormous waste of resources each year. It is necessary to automate processes such as email journaling with intelligent tools, allowing the organisation to focus on knowledge sharing, rather than on administration of emails and documents.
Email Manager 365 is an innovative product for the Microsoft cloud platform, solving the increasing challenges of managing and archiving business-critical emails and files in an easy and safe fashion.

Email Manager 365 is not merely a system for simple backup of emails. Email Manager 365 is an intelligent solution for automated journaling and sharing of emails with cloud storage on Microsoft Azure, which is capable of handling vast and increasing amounts of data in the cloud

Email archive as evidence in a lawsuit

Email Manager 365 can also be used as an intelligently journaled archive, that can be put to relevant use as evidence in a dispute or lawsuit. Email Manager 365 makes it possible to choose not to be able to access and alter emails. As a result, the company can claim compliance in relation to a lawsuit.

6 particular advantages of Email Manager 365

This is how Email Manager 365 safeguards business-critical data and email dialogue:

  • You ensure that emails and attached files from customers and suppliers are archived correctly. Email Manager 365 works out by itself where emails from customers and supplier is to be archived, and makes optimal archive search possible
  • You achieve unhindered knowledge sharing throughout the organisation, and ensure that no business-critical data vanishes.
  • I save time saving and sharing emails, and can quickly and easily search the archive for older email
  • You ensure automatic exchange of information with relevant persons. Email Manager 365 is delivered with in-built security making it possible to limit who can gain access to which emails
  • All users are able to add metadata to emails, optimising the search of older emails
  • You can search in archived emails, even when they are deleted in Microsoft Outlook

Email Manager 365 is a natural partner to WorkPoint 365, or can be integrated with other standardised software products such ESDH or ERP systems

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