WorkPoint 365

WorkPoint 365 offers an out-of-the-box business solution in Office 365. WorkPoint adds a business layer to SharePoint Online making it easy to configure solutions e.g. project or case management – without bulk-development or programming.

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WorkPoint on premise

Emails and meeting appointments in Outlook, documents saved to local network drives, project planning in MS Project, budget figures in the ERP system, and a fistful of homebrewed Excel and Access systems.

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WorkPoint Express

WorkPoint Express is an intelligent plugin for Microsoft Office/Office 365 suite – e.g. MS Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, structuring data from SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and WorkPoint 365.

An intuitive frontend for SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and WorkPoint 365, WorkPoint Express makes it easy to access and journal emails and documents directly from Microsoft Office/Office 365.

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WorkPoint Email Manager

Email Manager 365 is an intuitive product for the Microsoft Cloud platform, solving the increasingly challenge of managing and archiving business-critical emails and files easily and securely.

Email Manager 365 is not merely a system for simple backup of emails. Email Manager 365 is an intelligent solution for automated journaling and sharing of emails with cloud storage on Microsft Azure, able to handle great and increasing amount of data in the cloud.

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WorkPoint Archiving

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WorkPoint Mobil

Access data and documents on the go. WorkPoint app facilitates downloading and viewing of data on-the-go, assuring fast access to all cases, contacts, documents, and more.

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