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A great strategic fit

A great solution, revolutionising the user experience. Those are just some of the words of praise Icelandic Spektra uses to describe WorkPoint.

WorkPoint fills some of the gaps that SharePoint has out of the box. It delivers a complete solution to the task of managing projects, cases and tender processes.

“WorkPoint is a great strategic fit for our customers. WorkPoint Express is definitely one of the big advantages of WorkPoint. Express revolutionises the way the users can integrate attachments and emails into SharePoint as well as completing the whole WorkPoint experience for users. Everything is very user friendly. Another advantage is how easily WorkPoint is adapted to fit each company and their individual needs,” says Thor Haraldsson, Manager of Software Solution.

Leading Icelandic companies

Since 1985, Spektra has served leading Icelandic companies, financial institutions, governmental agencies, healthcare and educational industries. Spektra‘s ambition is to offer their customers the best consultancy and solutions available in SharePoint.

Spektra is an IT partner offering a number of valuable solutions, all designed to solve the diverse needs of business operations. Spektra is the only HP distribution and Gold service partner in Iceland, a certified Cisco Silver partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft distribution partner and Red Hat Advanced Business partner. Additionally, the company is a sales and service partner for VMware and Eaton.

48 hours to prototype a WorkPoint-solution

The philosophy of WorkPoint is to remove the risk and complexity of SharePoint from day one and build a solid business-strategic foundation atop SharePoint. See what happened, when the state trading centre of Iceland, Ríkiskaup, gave Spektra 48 hours to prototype a WorkPoint-solution matching their exact needs.

Thor Haraldsson, Spektra
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