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A full hand in a single go

Unlike other products in the market place, WorkPoint focuses on optimising the workflows in the company from the beginning, CEO, Claus Jarrels, Rackpeople, highlights.

“The advantage of WorkPoint is that you do not need a lot of development and coding.  Task management, file handling, and management of documents and customers as well as control and checks are the biggest challenges facing our customers. By integrating WorkPoint you gain a platform wherefrom it is easy to automate workflows, processes and procedures,” says Claus Jarrels, and adds:

“In short, WorkPoint allows us to deliver a value-adding solution, quickly and efficiently.  We do not need to deal the cards one at the time, spending time and energy on coding and development.  We are able to deliver a full hand in a single go. That makes it fast, working solution, creating value for the customer.”

Infrastructure and outsourcing

RackPeople was started in 2005 and offers IT solutions on infrastructure and outsourcing. RackPeople Consulting is a Microsoft Silver Partner. On top of this RackPeople Consulting delivers business solutions on SharePoint, Lync and Microsoft’s ERP platform.

RackPeople has delivered solutions for H+H, Astellas, IFU, Edlund, TEC, Handelsbanken.

Claus Jarrels, RackPeople
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