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Meeting and addressing business processes

Integration with MS Outlook and email management along with simple and intuitive case management in a single solution. Leaf, the award-winning Microsoft Partner in Ireland, is expanding its SharePoint portfolio by offering WorkPoint – a business-critical solution to Professional Services clients.

Leaf sees many advantages to WorkPoint e.g. in relations to lawyers and accountants, who requires a solution for document and case management capable of managing email and the entire breadth of communications. In becoming a WorkPoint partner, it was of utmost importance to Leaf, that WorkPoint was a future-proof solution, which integrated with Office 365.

Keep IT simple

Leaf is an expert technology provider of Microsoft Cloud solutions and Office 365 as well as IT infrastructure experts, supplying both the private and public sectors, providing solutions meeting and addressing business processes. Regardless of the purpose being increasing employee productivity, lowering infrastructure costs, or increasing scalability parallel to the growth of your company, Leaf will not complicate things with IT jargon. To Leaf, it is solely about keeping IT simple.

No. 1 Microsoft Cloud Partner

Leaf is the Microsoft Ireland’s award-winning Cloud Partner and IT managed services provider. Leaf is Ireland’s No. 1. Microsoft Cloud Deployment Partner, winning Microsoft Ireland’s Cloud Partner of the Year Award 2012 and Microsoft Ireland’s SMB Partner of the Year 2013 and 2014.

Leaf caters to a wide array of customers, including professional services companies, agriculture/food companies, distributors and wholesale, leisure and tourism industries, as well as local government – mainly concentrated in the SMB sector with up to 250 users, with an ideal number of users of 50-100.

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