The ability to expand on the existing SharePoint solution

Indes A/S is a dedicated advisor and partner in the field of IT infrastructure solutions, who focuses on consolidation and lighter administrative IT solutions. They see many advantages in WorkPoint Express.

“The clever thing about WorkPoint Express is the ability to expand on one’s already existing SharePoint solution through plugins for Outlook – a mail client used by most on a daily basis, and as such it is a tool they feel comfortable using. To the individual in many organisations, it is undoubtedly an impediment having to learn how to use a new system since the individual has to acquire new knowledge to use the system properly. With WorkPoint Express, this obstacle is removed, and you avoid major changes in the workflow,” sales consultant Emil R. S. Poulsen sums up.

Specialized in the education sector

Indes A/S advises universities, numerous business schools, and technical colleges. The education sector in particular is very dynamic, and because of that, Indes A/S is working with an array of solution scenarios, which beneficially can be carried over to commercial enterprises.

Indes A/S is also HP Preferred Partner Gold, Oracle Gold Partner, Hitachi Data System Partner, VMware Enterprise Partner, and Veeam Silver Partner.

Emil Poulsen, Indes
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