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WorkPoint resolves SharePoint challenges

WorkPoint has impressed system architects Future Earth Systems in Australia. WorkPoint resolves a lot of challenges experienced by corporate SharePoint users, says Chief Executive Chris Sampson.

“We can see that many corporate SharePoint users are struggling to maximise the benefits of the SharePoint environment, and we have been impressed with the approach taken by the WorkPoint team in Denmark. Mainly, we see a relatively simple model for managing project and/or case oriented enterprises, which work with the Microsoft-oriented technology environments used by many organisations. We are particularly impressed with the Outlook integration and email journaling,” says Chris Sampson.

Digital age transformations

Future Earth Systems is helping to transform organisations and sectors for the digital age. Future Earth Systems mainly focus on public sector organisations but are also looking at the resources and construction sector. Their services include vision development, transition roadmaps, enterprise architecture, strategic systems planning and design, corporate knowledge management, systems product design and systems-related strategic advisory services.

Future Earth Systems is involved in a number of digital age transformation projects:

  • Developing a framework for knowledge management and collaboration to improve productivity across the public sector
  • Designing fundamental improvements to the administrative systems used by large government departments
  • Establishing an international partnership to assist the introduction of pervasive and secure personally-controlled electronic health records
  • Assisting the establishment of a non-profit organisation to assist developing societies manage the risk of the digital divide.

Future Earth Systems
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