In-depth and robust collaborative power

Atrendia are greatly focused on LEAN communication and information management, and holds strong competencies within these areas, CEO, Michael Hoffman, states:

“WorkPoint is uniquely positioned in the market as the only SharePoint technology that we are aware of, which meets the requirements of being simple and intuitive whilst also offering in-depth and robust collaborative power under the surface.  As Atrendia’s main focus is on the usage rather than the technology, we are very excited about working with such a dynamic product.”

Operates in several countries

Atrendia, headquartered in Spain, provides end-to-end internal communication problem solving and full-service solutions for small to Global organizations.

Atrendia comprises consultants, trainers, project managers, software developers and administrators. Atrendia has partnered with hundreds of organisations, including seven Fortune-100 companies in order to increase profitability, lower stress and reduce waste in the area of interactive synchronous and asynchronous communications. This includes messaging/email management and policy-making, as well as storage/archiving interfaces (CRM/SharePoint solutions).

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