Office 365 and then what?

Fully exploit the potential of Office 365 with WorkPoint 365 business-solutions

Standard business-solutions on Office 365

With Office 365, a whole array of opportunities is in place to build standard business-solutions on Microsoft’s reknowned knowledge-platform SharePoint Online. Without involving development and coding. WorkPoint 365 is an optimal solution for bridging the Office palette of Office 365 and make use of the possibilites of SharePoint Online. WorkPoint 365 adds SharePoint Online to an array of tools, making it easy to build business-critical solutions – such as project management, case management, relations management, and contacts management.

WorkPoint 365 is for companies looking for efficient management of work processes, management of critical data and support of knowledge-sharing. As a result, WorkPoint 365 structures all data via SharePoint Online bridging the Office suite, Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This makes i possible to affiliate emails, attached files, documents, and contacts of Outlook with specific cases, projects, or tasks.

WorkPoint 365 is a knowledge-portal on SharePoint Online, making it possible to create business-critical solution easily and efficiently – with no risk or demanding development. The solutions is fulyl configurable and can be adapted to industry-specific wants and needs.

WorkPoint 365for Office 365 is the ideel solution for the company wishing to merely focus on the work – without concentrating on operations, maintenance, and installation of updates.

Below, the difference between SharePoint development and WorkPoint 365 is shown:


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