Efficient knowledge-sharing and management of projects

WorkPoint 365 enables effective project management with intuitive email and document management across the organisation

Project management with quality assurance and oversight

WorkPoint 365 is an efficent tool for project management, offering oversight of all ongoing projects as well as the progress of individual projects.

  • Efficient and systemised document management
  • Plugin for Office 365 – Outlook, Word, Excel etc.
  • Explicit priorities and overview with portfolio management
  • Template library with version management
  • Manage all projects in phases with stage management
  • Overiew and management via dashboard
  • Intuitive search functionality making advanced searches simple

Project management with quality assurance and oversight

WorkPoint 365 is an efficient tool for managing projects, providing oversight of all ongoing projects (portfolio management) as well as the progress of individual projects.

With WorkPoint 365, you receive an industry-adapted solution, building atop SharePoint Online. WITH NO custom development in SharePoint, WorkPoint 365 can be configured such that the solution meets your needs for the management of projects. With a plugin for Office 365, it is further possible affiliate all documents, emails, tasks, and letter templates to the relevant, individual projects.

Professional and manageable document management

WorkPoint is a PMO-system with enormous potential and many possibilities. The system is a sublime project management tool that ensures quality assurance of processes and documentation of the project progress.

In WorkPoint, you can create an overview of your documents, and project participants can easily collaborate in the projects, thus quickly and effectively addressing various issues that may arise during the project phases.

WorkPoint can be used in many different contexts and for handling many different document types. A number of activities and documentation that you can create through WorkPoint are:

  • Minutes of meetings
  • Photo documentation
  • Mails
  • Documents
  • Events
  • Risk management

Secure Access Control with WorkPoint

With WorkPoint, it’s easy to control who has access to the projects, and thus who shares knowledge and information. There are also regular procedures that ensure that one’s unique knowledge and information is not shared with someone who should not have access.

Avoid sharing sensitive information with WorkPoint

WorkPoint complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which means that it is possible to set up processes that ensure that only authorized employees have access to the solution, the project and / or the document.

WorkPoint users have the ability to make different classifications of eg. projects, document types and / or letter templates so that they can be handled in accordance with the guidelines of GDPR, such as retention time, access control or special document management requirements.

Focus on risk management

When speaking about project management, it is extremely important to keep an eye on risk management. There may be various factors that slow down the progress of a project, and if you do not focus on this in project management, you will lose an overview along the way and the schedule will go on.

WorkPoint manages the risks associated with a given project and is therefore prepared for the challenges you can meet.

High quality with project stage management

With the intuitive stage management of WorkPoint 365, the system guides the user – safely and easily – through all phases of the project; From automated task allocation, through a detailed process management, till the concluding review, ensuring high quality, and stops the employee from beginning a new stage before all tasks and requirements of the previous stage are met.

The inbuilt processes of WorkPoint 365 for risk management and quality assurance, ensures a high and uniform quality in the execution of projects.

The stage management of WorkPoint 365 supports the project method you have chosen for your projects.

Make Outlook a straight-forward tool

A WorkPoint Express plugin makes it possible to move many work processes to Microsoft Outlook. To most, Outlook is a familiar tool, which lends itself to making it the primary tool for project participants.

In Outlook, with the WorkPoint Express plugin, the project participants are able to conduct document searches, edit them, and manage all Office documents. This means, that 80 percent of all daily tasks can be done in and from Outlook.

Portfolio management with WorkPoint

Most companies operate on several projects at a time, and it can be extremely challenging to maintain a full overview of several large projects that run parallel. The project solution provides clear portfolio management, which helps to easily maintain an overview of multiple projects at a time.

Projects are presented on a simple and efficient dashboard. Status of the projects is marked with a light signal, where red and yellow markings indicate that these are projects that require special attention. This ensures insight across the entire project portfolio and prioritises efforts.

Streamline processes with WorkPoint

For many companies, the implementation of a PMO system means a more efficient completion of projects, which can be seen at the bottom line. There can easily be extremely waste of time for creating an overview, archiving, sharing and searching for documents.

But with WorkPoint, multiple processes are streamlined. The system is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, and with the project management solution, you will avoid losing wasted amounts of archiving, sharing, and searching for documents.

Additionally, the system provides a efficient template library, which means that in WorkPoint,  you can find any project template you need. There are templates for meeting reports, status reports, offer documents, framework agreements and much more.

We provide customised solutions

The possibilities of WorkPoint have no limits and there are extremely many features, that can be selected and deselected as needed. There is a big difference between companies individual needs for a PMO system. WorkPoint is a highly flexible and dynamic system that allows us to crete customised solutions that meet the exact needs of each company for their project management tool.

10 features strengthening the project process

These are just a few of the advantages of managing projects eith WorkPoint 365:

  • Manage the project safely through all phases with stage management following your own project model
  • Portfolio management ensures ensures efficient gauging of the project process and offers the option to export data to Excel files
  • All documents, emails, parties, and information and master data are affiliated with the individual project
  • Automated and intelligent metatagging and inheritance of data of emails and documents saves time and resources and assures the quality of data
  • WorkPoint 365 creates the foundation for you to build a well-organised template library with the most relevant templates for standard documents
  • Automated version management of documents ensures that all changes and approvals are always registered during the entire project process
  • Efficient email management ensures intuitive and quick archiving of emails and documents by way of drag and drop from Outlook to SharePoint Online. Also take advantage of utilising intelligent suggestions from the system for journaling and automated journaling on a project*
  • WorkPoint 365 makes it easy and quick to find and retrieve all information and history of a project – all documents, emails, agreements, and so on
  • Achieve full integration with Office 365*
    *Purchase of  WorkPoint Express is required for this option – Download the product sheet here.

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WorkPoint 365  ensures governance with a robust modular solutions architecture and a uniform hierarchical system structure with features such as lateral relations, inheritance, and aggregation of data enables modelling of business-critical solutions with several coherent business terms.

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