Contacts and relations management

Manage your contacts, relations, meetings, agreements, and information flows from a single place

Contacts management and overview of correspondence across the organisation

WorkPoint 365 enables efficent contacts management with intuitive email and document management in SharePoint Online and Office 365 across the organisation.

  • Quick overview of all contacts, persons, and companies
  • Retrieve all correspondance quickly and easily
  • Streamline all customer contact
  • Efficient journaling of all email correspondance
  • Quick and easy knowledge-sharing during the process of a sale
  • A single collated overview of all relations and correspondance
  • A single portal for customers, documents, emails, and more

Systemise all correspondance

WorkPoint contacts management creates an unique overview of all the company’s customers, collaboration partners, suppliers, and more and affiliates that with the underlying correspondance with individuals as well as current tasks.

WorkPoint contacts management builds atop SharePoint Online, ensuring quick and easy integration with Office 365.

WorkPoint affords you full oversight of all agreements, tasks, meeting activities, and correspondance allocated to relevant collaboration partners, customers, and sales processes.

You are able to monitor the development of all collaboration relations closely and are always able to retrieve important correspondance.

WorkPoint also offers easy access to important documents, agreements, and emails affiliated with a specific contact.

Guide all tasks to the finishing line with high quality

The intuitive stage management of WorkPoint quickly and easily guides the individual employee through defined procedures from the start-up of a new task, where partial tasks are allocated to individuals, to the subsequent management of things such as the sales or supply processes, ensuring that no one moves on to a new phase before all pre-defined tasks are finished and requirements are met.

At the same time, all information is quickly and efficiently shared person to person.

For example in relation to a sales process, so that both the seller, sales assistant, logistics, and the accoutns department quickly can do their respective tasks: Accepting orders, contact the supplier, order freight, and write emails with attached files, specifications, certificates, invoice, and more.

Stage management is therefore a seal of approval, as it ensures oversight, high quality, and uniformity in processes in all parts of the process from task to task.

WorkPoint contacts management offers a single shared and intuitive platform, collating all information flows, emails, documents, contacts, and more.

WorkPoint joins all the information and affords an overview across the organisation.

Increase the value of Microsoft Outlook

With a plugin for WorkPoint Express, even more work processes can be moved to Microsoft Outlook, making everyday work much more efficient. Many companies use Outlook as the primary tool in their contact with customers.

The value of Outlook can now be further increased. Via Outlook, the users is now able to manage all documents, conduct searces, edit the documents, and archive them in SharePoint Online – all of it directly in and from Outlook, so that time and resources are spent can be utilised the best, rather than changing back and forth between Outlook and SharePoint Online.

10 unique features for contacts management

WorkPoint 365 strengthens the management of all contacts:

  • All contacts and relations, information, documents, and emails can be viewed in a single place in WorkPoint 365
  • Automated versioning management of documents ensures that all changes and approvals are always registered and can be used for documentation at a later stage
  • Achieve efficient management of emails with intuive archiving via drag and drop in Outlook. Utilise WorkPoint 365’s intelligent suggestions for journaling and automated journaling
  • Automatic and intelligent metatagging and inheritence of data of emails and documents save both time and resources and ensures the quality of all information
  • With WorkPoint 365, it is quick and easy to find or retrieve information and history of a project.
  • The portfolio management ensures efficient gauging of the progress of all tasks
  • Quickly and easily export all data to Excel files
  • Template library with version management eases the management of documents and ensures that all changes and approvals are always registered
  • Stage managment ensures all processes from beginning to end
  • Achieve full integration with Office 365*
    *Purchase of  WorkPoint Express is required for this option – Download the product sheet here.

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