Project management

WorkPoint 365 is an efficient Cloud project management tools, offering oversight of all current project (portfolio management) as well the progress of the indivual project. All relevant documents, emails, tasks, and letter templates are affiliated to the individual projects.

The intuitive and systematic gate and phase management of WorkPoint guides the user – easily and safely – throughout the project with automated task assignment, through detailed process management, and on to the concluding review.

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Contacts management

WorkPoint 365 Cloud contacts management creates a unique overview of all the relations of the company, such contacts, customers, suppliers, and the underlying correspondance and ongoing tasks.

With WorkPoint 365’s contacts portal offers complete oversight of the company’s activities; Contracts, agreeements, tasks, meeting activity, as well as all the correspondance of the company distributed by collaboration partners, customers, and sales cases.

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Case management

WorkPoint 365 Cloud case solution affords the case manager a global overview of “all cases”, “my cases”, as well oversight of how far along the cases are in the process. All documents, emails, and tasks are affiliated with the relevant cases.

WorkPoint 365’s intuitive  gate and phase management guides the user – safely and easily – through the lifecycle of a case alll the way from automated case and task allocation to the conclusion of the case.

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